Postmaster Gummed Archive Labels: Yellow / Gold


A selection of gummed labels to help you organize and archive your collections, printed on vintage 1970s-1980s British ‘Pancake’ gummed stock. 

Each set comes with 26 labels - a mix of small, medium, and large - with a variety of patterns inspired by security liner prints from everyday envelopes. Perforated so you can tear off what you need. Great for labeling drawers, books, boxes, etc.

These charming labels are printed in small batches by London-based Scout Editions on the risograph. Riso printing is an energy-efficient process, similar to screen printing, in which the artwork is burnt onto a master. The master is then hand-fed layer by layer through a print drum.

Please note that these handmade prints will vary slightly, making each a charming limited edition of one. 

This set is Riso printed with yellow, metallic gold, brown and black soy-based inks, we also offer a set in reds and pinks as a separate listing. 

We are so pleased to be the only U.S. stockist of Scout Editions’ coveted designs.

Small Labels: 40mm x 55m
Medium Labels: 55mm x 48mm
Large Labels: 110mm x 78mm

Packaged in a biodegradable envelope. 


These carefully chosen and crafted pieces represent a considered mix of the esoteric and the highly pragmatic. Many of these simple things reflect the hand of the artisan or the quiet genius of the inventor. They are useful in ways that are difficult to quantify but, if pressed, we would say they make life a little more efficient and a lot more beautiful.

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