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Polished bronze rubber stamp bottom 800 xxx q85
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Personalized rubber stamp backened bronze ocatgon 800 xxx q85
Personalized rubber stamp blackend bronze octagon 800 xxx q85
Cast bronze polished rubber stamp 800 xxx q85
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Cast Bronze Octagonal Custom Rubber Stamp

This elegant form is cast in Bronze from a 19th-century paperweight, and transformed into the base for a personalized rubber stamp. The warmth and heft of the material endows this everyday object with an unanticipated lyricism and tactility. The slight asymmetry of the octagonal base indicates that it was most likely one of a kind. Available in three finishes: Polished Bronze, Blackened Bronze, and Vintage Silverplate. Choose a personalized rubber imprint; or a Gift Voucher so a gift recipient can personalize their own. Packaged in our signature black gift box. Hand crafted in Jaipur; small markings showing the hand of the artisan are considered part of the charm and character of the piece. 2.125" imprint image area.
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  • finish
  • Polished Bronze
  • Blackened Bronze
  • stamper size
  • Octagon Metal Hand Stamp

Price: $185

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