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less is more

JP Williams


one designer who personified this minimalist doctrine was zdenek rossmann (1905 - 1984). his most famous book pismo a fotografie v reklame (lettering and photography in advertising) is not in my collection but i do own several examples of his wonderful minimialist  typography of which this is one. this example from 1936 is as fresh today as the day it was designed. the czech avant garde between the 20s and 40s is one of my primary collecting vices. i invite you to return and peruse others from my collection.


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Thanks for posting, I very much liked reading your latest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!
wow--this is really impressive. and though it is clearly dated, it seems still incredibly relevant, or fresh, as you say. i am so intrigued by this minimalist typography...this could have been designed yesterday yet it lacks the eagerness of highly referential work (this is a good thing). please post more!
Do you have images of the inside pages??